Newsletter 19th February 2018

On the Farm
We will soon be busy planting up the salad tunnel with seedlings that we sowed last October.  These have been protected from the frosts inside our insulated tunnel. They have been growing very slowly over the winter, when the temperature has permitted, and they are now ready for planting.  Rocket, mizuna, mustard and spring greens.  We sowed other winter crops last august, and planted them in the tunnel in October – winter lettuces, endives, chards, mustards, tatsoi, and more spring greens.  These too have been tucked up under fleece, and now that the days are getting longer and the sun is getting a little stronger, they are starting to grow a little faster – and the first of the lettuces were in boxes last week!  We are also starting to get everything ready to begin our 2018 sowings – not long now before we can get into full swing!  The leeks will be underway this week.  Amazing how quickly it comes around.  In the meantime we are busy studying the crop data from last the 2017 plantings, to find out what we did well and what we can do better.