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Newsletter 26th February 2018

On the Farm
The best laid plans… well the cold weather has put them on hold for a bit.  There is not much point sowing seeds only for the compost to freeze right away.  So, the sowing programme is delayed until the Siberian Snap is past.  It is snowing as I write, and as always I have mixed thoughts about this.  It insulates the soil and keeps out the worst of the frost, which makes our lives easier when out with the forks digging up your vegetables.  But it makes deliveries harder because the Veg Angels who pack your boxes find it hard to get to the farm, and it turns doing the deliveries from a hard job to a very hard job.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens this week.  But the good news is that it is very nearly March, and so by the laws of nature we can’t have too many wintery days ahead of us this year.  Just keep all fingers and toes crossed please, that the cold snap does not turn into a late spring and a cold summer.  We have had enough of those!