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Newsletter 30th April 2018

On the Farm
Wind the clock back a couple of week, and the last thing we would have been celebrating on the farm was rain.  But we have been glad to see it lately.  The ground was verging on too dry (I know, hard to believe!), and the recent showers have done a good job at watering in our parsnips, early carrots, broad beans, oats and wild-bird feed.  This week we will be sowing more carrots, along with beetroots and beans (weekly for the next month).  We will also be planting out the very early beetroots which we start off in modules indoors, along with rainbow chard, red cabbages and summer cabbages.  In the tunnels the weekly pattern of replanting crops that you have eaten continues apace.

Some of the veg boxes contain leafy chicory this week.  It looks like a slightly odd, darkish green lettuce.  It is a little more bitter than a lettuce, but makes a good as part of a salad mix.  If you find it a bit too bitter you can wilt it as cook as spinach – adding it to a pasta dish for example.  Unlike the “forced” pale chicory that is kept dark, this variety is grown just like any of the other leafy crops that we grow in our polytunnels.

Congratulations Tom “The Rocket” Roche
How proud are we?!  Tom, who does the lion’s share of veg box deliveries every week, completed his first marathon at the weekend.  While most of us would be over the moon just to get round the course in one piece, Tom blazed a trail to win his class and come third overall in an astonishing time of 2 hours 33 minutes! That’s amazing.  Well done Tom!

Hairy carrots
You might notice some little white hairs sprouting from your carrots.  These are little roots beginning to grow because the carrots know that it is spring and time to start growing again to send up a flower stalk and produce seeds.  The roots will come off when you wash to carrots, and won’t affect the flavor.  We are beginning to come to the end of our own carrots now, possibly in the next two weeks, depending on how many you eat!  Until our new crops are ready we will buy in organic carrots from growers in the south to cover the gap.

I hope that you enjoy reading about the farm in these newsletters.  We like to give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in filling your boxes with veg every week.  If you want to see pictures we put new ones up on our facebook page regularly.  Have a peek if you have not already done so!