How will you know if Vital Veg will be the best choice for you?

We are an award-winning micro-business.  We have been growing 30 types of organic vegetables and employing local people in Midmar Aberdeenshire since 2005. 

Taking exceptionally good care of our customers is top of our list (joint with looking after our vegetables, soil and environment!). 

"Agriculture changes the landscape more than anything else we do. It alters the composition of species. We don't realize it when we sit down to eat, but that is our most profound engagement with the rest of nature." Michael Pollan

Find out more about how we farm with nature and listen to Wendy talking about Vital Veg:


We want to delight everyone who chooses us

But we accept that we can't be all things to all people.  So, before placing your first order, we'd like you to consider if we really are the right people to supply vegetables for you. 

Organic food is probably important to you - but there are some other things that make us special and which set us apart from the organic shelf in the supermarket.


If you share these sentiments, then Vital Veg is for you:

  • You love cooking with seasonal vegetables that are grown within a few miles of your home and picked to order (from the soil not a shelf!)

  • You think that vegetables are the stars of many meals and are not just a garnish - so you are happy to receive a goodly amount of veg in each order

  • You like your carrots delivered with soil still on them

  • Knowing who grew your vegetables (and being able to speak to them should you wish) means something to you


If you prefer pre-washed veg, are not that keen on seasonal Scottish vegetables (carrots, kale, cabbage, beetroot, leek, swede, parsnip etc), don't often cook from scratch (and almost never cook without a recipe) ... and you don't really mind where your veg comes from, then you might be happier staying with the supermarkets.


If you think we are a good match for you, then please check out our shopping pages.  If you have any questions, or would like to know more about us and our produce please use the "contact us"


  • You can order from Vital Veg whenever you like, with no obigation to sign up for a regular delivery if this does not suit you

  • Choose a Vital Veg box, or make up your own bespoke selection, or mix the two - whatever you like

Soil Association producer licence SG9603: Soil Assocation processor licence AG09603