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Newsletter 16th July 2018

On the Farm
I don’t know about you, but we are finding the continuing hot, dry weather very tiring!  Things should be slowing a little on the farm, going from our super-busy main planting period to weeding and cropping.  The weather has thrown some of our timings out, and is creating extra work because we have had to modify our weeding practices (more hand weeding and less tractor weeding so that we keep as much moisture in the soil as we can).  Also, it is pretty tough working in the heat – especially in the tunnels.  A solution to working in the heat is to extend the day at the beginning and the end… but then the price is paid in sleep (or lack of!).  For days where we harvest from the tunnels we are generally on the go before 5am to harvest as cool as possible.  So we are looking forward to cooler days ahead!

We will have our own potatoes next week, which is great.  Our carrots and beetroots will be a while though while they bulk up.  Cauliflowers are filling OK, as is broccoli.  These will both be starting this week in small quantities in some boxes, and then more from next week.  Broccoli can go yellow very fast indeed in hot weather, so if you receive any please eat ASAP!  All the other brassicas are starting too, and will be making an appearance in the boxes from now until next April (all being well!).  Leeks and courgettes are both enjoying the weather, but the latter need a lot of work because they love water… and the only means we have of supplying them is by watering can.  Ouch!  Broad beans will be making an appearance this week in some boxes and special orders.

At this time of year especially we  have quite a lot more different types of veg than we can squeeze into your boxes, so why not check out our website to see what’s available now that the new-season crops are coming on stream.  We update the shop every week with new vegetables as they mature.

Hot boxes
This hot weather can be taxing for the veg in their boxes.  They leave our farm in peak condition, but might wilt if they are not protected while they are waiting for you to come home.  Now would be a good time to think about a cool box large enough to take your veg box, or at the least a wet towel left for us to drape over the box.  If you need to tell us of a change in the place that you would like us to leave the box (more shady) then please email us your new instructions.