Newsletter 10th June 2019

On the farm

OK, enough rain for now!  It is starting to get hard to do the critical weeding required to let the carrot, beetroot and parsnip crops get a good start.  Germination of the crops has been good, but so has that of the weeds!  Weeding by hand in the rain is not pleasant, as you can imagine, but what’s worse it is very slow and there comes a point when it becomes too costly.  We have not yet had to abandon any of the row crops, but it is getting rather close.  Another bout of extra short fingernails and new grey hairs on the horizon!

We have managed to work between the downpours to plant the lion’s share of our brassica crop (cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbages etc.), and our own courgettes are going in this week.  The courgettes in the boxes at the moment are bought in to help give some variety as we are in the midst of the “Hungery Gap” (waiting for our own outdoor vegetables to be ready to harvest).  We have grown courgettes in our tunnels before in order to get an early crop, but they take up so much space and they require different conditions to some of the other vegetables that share the tunnels, so they don’t really work.  With some luck the sun will come back out soon and our outdoor courgettes will be cropping before we know it!


Nature walks at Vital Veg

The plus side all this rain is benefiting our woodlands and wildflower meadows which got rather parched last summer.  They are jumping with life at the moment, and no better way to restore a soul damaged by hand-weeding in the rain than to take a stroll in among the farmland nature here at Tillydaff.

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter we are making plans to share the beauty of our farm by running wildlife walks.  We have formed a collaboration with a local Ecologist who can identify birds, flowers, trees and mammals.  We will be fixing some dates soon and offering discounted places to our Vital Veg customers.  The walks will be 2-3 hours in duration and will be limited to a maximum of 10 people to ensure that they are intimate and that no-one is stuck at the back unable to see or hear what is going on!  If you are interested in coming on a guided walk on our farm watch this space!