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Newsletter 25th November 2019

We do take back clean, dry, plastic bags and reuse them if you want to return these as well.

Price change
It is almost two years since we changed the prices of veg boxes and fruit bags. Given that the cost of all our inputs continues to rise we can’t hold the prices any longer, hence there will be a modest change from the beginning of December. This will range from 30 pence for a mini veg box up to 75 pence for a large veg box. You don’t need to do anything unless you wish to change your order. Here are the new prices:

Mini veg £10.00
Small veg £12.75
Medium veg £16.10
Large veg £20.10
Detox box £16.10
Basics box £20.10
Smoothie box £26.75
Small fruit bag £5.15
Large fruit bag £9.80
Extra large fruit box £19.50

On the Farm
When will the sun return?! It even more soggy underfoot now and we could do with some fine dry weather. Every year is different, without a doubt. While we are glad there is no snow, in some ways mud is more difficult to deal with. On the plus side it is less than a month before the days begin to get longer again. And before we know it the new growing season will be upon us with all its intrinsic delights!

Ideas for red and white cabbages
They are in the boxes again this week, so …. Stuck for ideas about what to do with your red or white cabbage? Depending on whether you fancy something crunchy or some comfort food these veg are good for making into sauerkraut (crunchy) or braising (comfort). To make the former simply shred the cabbage and pack it very tightly into a jar with a very small amount of salted water. Leave to ferment, taking the top off the jar every day to release the pressure. Taste now and again after a few days and then stop the fermentation by putting in the fridge. You can include ginger, garlic, carrots, mustard seeds, or whatever takes your fancy to change the flavor. To braise, cook slices of cabbage in plenty of butter. When browned on both sides cover with stock and a good glug of white wine or cider vinegar. Cook uncovered until most of the liquid has gone. Melt a bit of cheese on top and enjoy!
Of course there are lots of other ways to use these versatile veg. If you have a favorite please do share!