Vital Veg, organic farm

Newsletter 3 February 2019

On the farm
At last, we have ploughed ground ready for this year’s potato crop – all 12 varieties! We will be planting these in April, once the grass and clover have had a chance to rot down under the plough. This nitrogen-rich organic matter will provide food for the growing potato crop during the late spring and summer.

We are hoping that our long-waited for fencer will arrive this week to do some repairs to our fencing. We need good fences to keep deer and our neighbours livestock out of the vegetable field. Sadly fencing is very expensive, so we are tightening our belt for this! Elsewhere on the farm a lovely hedge we planted back in 2004 is ready for laying. We have done about 50m of the 350m long hedge. We will lay the hedge over 6 or 7 years (during the winter when it is dormant and the birds are not nesting). It is important not to do too much in any one year because the hedge is home to so many birds. Laying the hedge looks rather drastic. It involves basically cutting almost all the way through the stems of the trees and then laying them on the ground. However, they will soon re-sprout. Where there was originally one hedge plant we will have the equivalent of 4 or 5 new ones, making an extremely thick, stock-proof hedge with a very dense bottom. This is much better for wildlife than a hedge with an open-gappy bottom. We will be able to do without the wire fence in time too. Hurrah! Have a look on our facebook page for some pictures!

Salad & purple-sprouting broccoli shortage
There has been a run on our winter salads and purple sprouting broccoli, and so sadly many of you who ordered these will be disappointed this week because there is not enough to go around. Apologies for this.

Currently our website shop does not have the ability to count down stock, so it can’t let you know when we sell out. This is one aspect of the website that we are working on, so you will know at the point of ordering if other customers have already bagged the produce. We are also working to resolve the issue with complex orders (combinations of weekly or fortnightly items with one-off items): sometimes the website refuses these without explaining to you why! We are working to make this much more transparent!