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Newsletter 24th March 2020

Customers - We will keep you updated on any developments or changes using email – so please do keep checking for messages from us and please make sure we are in your safe senders list.

On the farm
Amidst all the stress and uncertainty in the world right now, the local wildlife has been going about its business in a calm and unruffled sort of a way. This has been very therapeutic to us here on the farm! The birds are singing joyfully from the tops of the trees and hedgerows, and the first larks have been singing operatically from their lofty position high in the sky. The badgers have been pottering about, making little holes in the corners of favoured fields, adorned with poos, and the roe deer have also been making regular visits to our ‘wildcams’.

There are signs of spring everywhere, with snowdrops, crocuses, irises and daffodils all in bloom, and the occasional brave hawthorn bush bursting into leaf. The cold wind has meant that we humans are still keeping ourselves well wrapped up outside!

The baby veg in the keder tunnels are growing well, and we’ll soon be venturing into the greenhouse, with an array of thermostats and heaters to keep the temperature at a safe level for one of our most sensitive and tricky crops … cucumbers! They’re fickle … without just the right amount of water – not too much, and definitely not too little – and a minimum temperature of about 12 °C, they are perfectly willing to keel over and die with barely a moment’s notice. So we go to bed with the alarm for the thermostat, which warns us if the temperature drops. It has happened before, prompting us to leap out of bed, drag on a fleece, hat and dressing gown, and rush out with a head torch to go foraging in the sheds for another heater if one has decided to fail! It’s well worth the effort, as our home-grown cucumbers are delicious!

Box Collections and Plastic Bags
We are hoping to collect your washed & dried Vital Veg boxes with your next delivery, and we will quarantine these on the farm.
However, for the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing your orders in the large food-grade bags that your order is in today, or non-return boxes. This reduces the chance of us inadvertently bringing virus back to the farm. Please re-use the bags for your rubbish etc., rather than returning them to us. We look forward to going back to our lovely re-usable long-life cardboard veg boxes once this emergency is over! We would be grateful if you could re-use or dispose of egg boxes and the smaller plastic bags which keep your salad leaves fresh too.

We are finding ways to cope with the new situation, but things are taking longer than usual, so please be patient with us. Stay safe everyone!