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Newsletter 29 June 2020

****New minimum order value****

After reviewing our annual accounts, we can sadly no longer justify sending out very small orders. A small box costs as much to pack, administer and deliver as a full one, but the margins no longer cover our ever-rising costs.

We do not want to raise prices, so instead we are raising the minimum order value, to help ensure we can cover our costs and continue to deliver a good quality service to you.

The new minimum order will be £30.00 for a delivery which includes one of our veg boxes, or £50 without a veg box. These are the first increases in minimum order levels for many years, and will apply from next week.

Many of you already have orders above this value. If, however, your order currently falls below this, did you know that we sell more than 160 organic/eco products in addition to vegetables? Please consider adding fruit, eggs, store cupboard staples, drinks, or cleaning products to your regular order. Or perhaps you could get together with a friend, relative or neighbour to share a larger order?

Here is a list of all the categories in our shop as well as fruit and veg:
Juices, drinks, plant milks and cream
Tinned foods
Ecover cleaning
Coffees and teas
Breakfast cereal
Biscuits, crispbreads, oatcakes etc.
Pasta, pulses and grains
Seeds, nuts and dried fruits
Books and CDs

On the farm
Hats off to our weeding team who will finish thinning and weeding our row crops (parsnips, beetroots, swedes and carrots) this week – all 4.8km of them, and all done by hand. This is no mean feat as it requires a keen eye, nimble fingers and dedication.

All we need now is a good balance of sunshine, warmth and rain. The recent downpours have helped to rehydrate the ground, but it is still drier than we would like and some of the early beetroot is struggling a little. The forecast looks promising, so hopefully it will pick up. Dry springs are becoming a regular occurrence here, and after managing fine without field irrigation for 15 years we will investigate the cost and benefit of a borehole/winter rain collection ponds and pipes for our field crops. We have a sloping site, which makes things more complicated, so some hard thinking to be done!