Vital Veg, organic farm, aberdeen

Newsletter 6 July 2020

On the farm
We have the first of our own summer cabbages in the boxes this week. Lovely summer savoys and sweethearts. The sweethearts are not quite hearted up yet, but the whole head is good for eating as spring greens. We also have the first of our bunched beetroots going out for those who have ordered them as extras, and we expect to have some for some of the veg boxes next week. These are two veg in one because you can cook the leaves in the same way as chard.

This week we will be planting out the last batches of our cauliflowers, broccoli and romanesco for late autumn/winter cropping, along with the last batch of kales which will hopefully see you through until late spring next year. Last week I was writing about the potential need for irrigation in the field. That brought on the rain! The crops have jumped forward in response – and so have the weeds, so weeding is key this week!

**** Tips to avoid problems when updating your order ****
Many of you are now adding items to your veg boxes and fruit bags on an ad hoc basis. Please do keep letting us know if there are more products that we don’t stock which you would like to see in our shop. We can try to supply any organic produce except items which need to be chilled. This is because in “normal” times most of our deliveries are made to un-refrigerated sheds and gardens and left for some time before you come home to pick them up. Thank you everyone for suggestions so far.

Adding ad hoc items has brought up a few issues with our online shop that we had hoped would be fixed before now. It looks like it could be a while before our web developer can sort them out. The most common issue encountered is blanking out of the order confirmation button if you have a mix of weekly or fortnightly goods and some “once only” items. At the moment our shop denies any order that falls below the minimum value in any week – so unless your recurring items all add up to the minimum you get an error message. Often it is not clear what needs to be done to clear the error.

We recommend three fixes:
Use our “order keeper” which keeps your orders valid when you are taking items out and putting new ones in. Details are in a recent email. Please contact us if you want more information or need help setting it up. This is a software fix and has no cost to you.

Or, keep a basic set of weekly/fortnightly items to the minimum value, then edit your basket as you need (we put different veg in the shop throughout the year depending on what we have on the farm). This is more tricky as you need to watch what happens if you remove any of your regular items. Again, if you ever run into difficulty please contact us and we can sort it out for you.

Lastly you could choose to order “once only” each time you want to make an order.