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Newsletter 10th August 2020

We are now packing our veg into our lovely reusable cardboard boxes again. We will quarantine them each week before sending them out. Please remember to give these a good wipe out and to leave them for us when we come with your next delivery – thank you!

On the farm
A few days rest has rejuvenated us. It is a long stretch from New Year to August, when we get the first opportunity to take a break. All years are different on the farm. This one has of course presented its own particular challenges and we were ready for a holiday. Thanks to our lovely team for harvesting, packing and delivering your boxes last week, and for enabling us to have a rest!

It never ceases to astonish us what a difference a few days makes at this time of year – so clearly visible after being away. Our crops are really growing strongly, and it won’t be long before we have broccoli, leeks, swedes and celery to add to the list of vegetables ready to be picked.

Summer cabbages
Lots of boxes this week will feature our lovely summer savoys yet again. Three weeks in a row is rather a bold choice for cabbages in veg boxes, but we hope that you are enjoying them. Summer cabbage is very versatile, and this one has a nice sweet, crispy centre, so why not consider using this raw in a salad – either chopped and mixed with lettuce, or shredded together with carrots and beetroot (excellent with raw ginger chopped very finely!). The outer leaves will need cooking. Steaming or stir-fry could be a good choice.

Some of the courgettes are getting away a little bit this year and are taking on marrow proportions! This is a result of great growing weather, and the fact that we may have been a bit over enthusiastic with the number of plants! Courgettes are temperamental in our veg field, on account of it being a bit exposed. Some years the plants sulk and produce a rather disappointing crop, as happened last year. This year we planted a greater number, and put them in the lee of one of our hedges to give them extra protection. They have loved this sheltered spot, and the weather, and have rewarded us with a bumper crop of rapidly growing courgettes. Fortunately they go well in all sorts of recipes, and the larger ones can even be stuffed and roasted. For quick and easy snacks try slicing the bigger courgettes, grill on one side, turn the slice over and then melt cheese over the top.