Vital Veg, organic farm, beetroot in snow

Newsletter 11 January 2021

Happy New Year
I know that it seems that 2021 has been underway for a while already, but these are the first veg boxes of the year, so it seems an appropriate moment to send wishes of good health and happiness to everyone. 2021 does look set to be another challenging time, so we will do our best to contribute to your health and happiness via our veg boxes.

We have begun the year with a few extra challenges of our own. Hopefully they will not be major problems, but I apologise for any inconvenience that these might cause.

Fruit supply – some of our fruits, along with cucumbers (which we don’t grow at this time of year) might be caught up in haulage issues due to BREXIT and the adverse weather in Spain. It is possible that we might be short of some items.

Jams and Chutneys – Our friends at Huntly Herbs have sadly had to significantly downsize their business which means that we are no longer able to offer their produce. We are on the hunt for another supplier of organic preserves. Meanwhile, there is an opening for a new local organic jam/chutney maker….

Beetroot – some vegetables, notably Brussels sprouts and parsnips, improve after a good frost. Other vegetables fare less well. Beetroots are one of the latter. They cope well with moderate frost, but hard frost can damage them. We leave our beets in the field as long as possible because they store best outside, and we only put them in our inside store if protracted hard frosts are forecast. This year we had a harder frost one night than expected and some of our round red beetroot may have been damaged. It is now all in our inside store, but the point of this long story is that you may find some frosted beetroot in your boxes in the next few weeks. It can be hard to tell from the outside, but if you find very dark, wet patches, this is a sign of frost. If your beets start bleeding spontaneously then this is certainly frost damage. The damaged parts will not be good to eat. We are sending out larger weights of beetroot in case you need to discard parts of your beetroots. If you feel that your beetroot is too bad to eat then please just let us know and we will credit, replace or refund as you wish.

This week’s potatoes are Colleen. Very good for roasting and chips, but boil well too.

******BOX AMNESTY*******
Our stock of boxes is creeping down. If you have any stored in your kitchen/shed/garage etc. please can you remember to give them a good wipe out and to leave them for us when we come with your next delivery – thank you!