Newsletter 16th May 2022

Update on the future of Vital Veg
Those of you who have been with us for some time will know that now, after 18 years, we are trying our best to find successors to carry on the running of Vital Veg. Over the past two years we have had a great deal of interest in the business, but no buyers. One stumbling block was that we wished to retain the land and rent it to the new owners. To remove this block we have now instructed Galbraith Land Agents to sell our land for us and we are hopeful that the new owner will continue with Vital Veg. We are heartbroken to have to sell, but as many of you know Anne has been battling a serious illness, and it has now got to the stage where we have to simplify life come what may. If you are interested in Vital Veg and the land (approximately 123 acres, about half of it arable and half beautiful native woodland and ponds, along with a house plot) then the advert is up on the Galbraith website this week.

On the farm
We are continuing our spring work, regardless of our upcoming sale. We are hopeful that the new owner of Vital Veg will appear soon! And besides, we have many veg boxes to fill in the meantime. Our early, module-sown beetroots are all planted out, and this week we will be planting red cabbages, summer sweetheart and ball cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli. The overwintered leys of rye and vetch are now tall and magnificent, but need to be cut so that we can oversow them with red clover and flowers in the summer ley, and in the brassica patch we need to plough the residue in in readiness for planting kales, romanesco, along with winter cabbage, more cauliflowers and broccoli.

Our courgettes are growing well in the greenhouse. We never rush with these because the winds can be cold and harsh even into early June. We have found that sowing late and planting small results in the best chance of a good crop here. Also in the greenhouse our cucumber seedlings are doing great. We will be clearing space to put these in the tunnels next week. This is a week later than usual, but it has been cold, and like the related courgettes, it is better to wait!

This weeks’ potatoes
We have small amounts of most of our varieties left, so there will be a range of potatoes heading out in the boxes this week. If you have been keeping track of them each week you might be able to recognize which variety is in your box!