Newsletter 23rd May 2022

Update on the future of Vital Veg
Those of you who have been with us for some time will know that now, after 18 years, we are trying our best to find successors to carry on the running of Vital Veg. Over the past two years we have had a great deal of interest in the business, but no buyers. One stumbling block was that we wished to retain the land and rent it to the new owners of Vital Veg. To remove this block we have now instructed Galbraith Land Agents to sell our land for us and we are hopeful that the new land owner will continue with Vital Veg. We are heartbroken to have to sell, but as many of you know Anne has been battling a serious illness, and it has now got to the stage where we have to simplify life come what may. If you are interested in Vital Veg and the land (approximately 123 acres, about half of it arable and half beautiful native woodland and ponds, along with a house plot) then the advert is up on the Galbraith website this week. In the meantime, we are pushing on with the growing!

On the farm
We have been really blessed with the weather recently. Just enough light showers to keep the ground moist, but not too wet to stop us getting on the field with the tractor! The carrots and beetroots are already through the ground, and it won’t be long before we need to get going thinning these. The early potatoes are also up, and have had their first weeding. For this we use a big tinned weeder behind the tractor which rakes gently through the soil lifting out the little weeds and leaving the potatoes intact. It makes for a very quick and satisfying job!

Later this week we will get going with our main crop brassica planting, and weather permitting, our leeks. These are all planted with a very ancient, but wonderful planting machine which attaches to the back of our tractor. The plants are put into the machine by hand (two people), but it is a comfy job and very fast in comparison to bending down to plant very plant – which is what we did when we very first started Vital Veg! My goodness, I am glad we don’t have to do that anymore!

This weeks’ potatoes
We have finally finished our own potatoes, with just the last few Setanta and Lady Balfour heading out in some boxes this week! 2021 was a great harvest, and the potatoes have stored well. We will buying in from other Organic growers now until our own crop is ready – sometime in August. The first ones are already up and leafing well.

It really helps us keep our own prices stable if you can return our boxes regularly and in good condition – please wipe them clean and leave them out for us to collect when your next delivery is due. THANK YOU