Kale growing at Vital Veg, Aberdeenshire

Local Food

For most of the year most of the vegetables in Vital Veg bags are grown on our own little farm just west of Aberdeen!  They are truly local. For a small part of the year we do need to supplement our home-grown veg with bought-in veg. This is the "hungry gap" (the period when last year's veg are all eaten, and the new veg are still maturing (May - June), but even then as much as possible is from our own farm.

We also employ local people, use local services, and of course sell to local customers - within 20 miles of our farm.

Why does all this matter?

Locally grown food - the freshest you can get!  It's also environmentally friendly... we pick it and deliver it straight to you so we don't need to use energy for refrigerated stores.

Locally grown food has the least food miles.

Local people and local services - every pound spend with a local business generates £4 for the local economy.  Contrast this to a supermarket where much of your pound leaves the local economy to pay distant shareholders.  Spending with local businesses helps to strengthen the local economy, and makes our community more resilient.