Vital Veg, organic farm, pointed cabbage

Cabbage and Pasta

300g spaghetti
1 green cabbage or a bag of kale
A glug of olive oil
50g tin of anchovies, plus their olive oil
1 lemon
3-4 garlic cloves, finely chopped
A pinch of chilli flakes or chilli powder
Freshly ground pepper
A large handful of freshly grated parmesan

Boil pasta till al dente.

Steam your cabbage or greens.

Once the pasta’s cooked, add the greens, stir, then drain immediately.

As the pasta cooks, mix the anchovies, olive oil from the tin, garlic, juice of half a lemon and chilli.

Cook till the anchovies disintegrate.

Add olive oil till runny enough to mix with the pasta/cabbage.

Mix the cooked cabbage and pasta in the empty pasta pot. Stir in the anchovy sauce.

Taste. Adjust seasoning and lemon juice as needed.

Serve with pepper and parmesan to taste.