Cropped kale undersown with legumes

Sustainable Farming

Here at Vital Veg we do everything as sustainably as we can.  Here's a summary:

We grow organically, so we follow the rules of nature.  We don't use any fungicides, herbicides or pesticides that might damage the natural systems.  

We don't use any artifical nitrogen fertilisers because these are made unsustainably using fossil fuels, are transported vast distances around the world, and they can also damage the natural balance of the soil ecosystem.  Instead we harness the power of nitrogen-fixing plants such as red or white clover, which have a beautiful system of cooperation with beneficial bacteria that live in their roots and "fix" gaseous nitrogen from the atmosphere into a form that the plants can use in exchange for sugars made by the plant from the carbon dioxide in the air.

When we plough in these special plants they release their nitrogen for our crops to use as a natural fertiliser.  In the photo above you can see white clover growing in rows beneath kale plants in our veg field, so we get a crop of delicious kale and improve the soil at the same time. This is part of an ongoing research project in collaboration between ourselves, the Scottish Agricultural College and the Soil Association's Duchy Originals research programme. The clovers are fabulous plants for bees and other pollinators too, so everyone wins!

We deliver your veg in crates that protect your precious order, but rather than leaving you with countless boxes we take these home and leave your order in an easy-to-store reusable food grade liner. This keeps your veg hydrated and in top condition, and is the least amount of packaging possible. You can return the liners to us and we will reuse them where possible, and recycle them when their delivery life is over.