Why buy from us?

Here are some of the reasons why our customers buy Vital Veg:


Up to 95% of the veggies in your box come straight from our farm, depending on the time of year. Most of these are picked one day and delivered the next. You will not find any fresher food unless you grow your own!


Flavour is key. We grow new varieties each year to test them for flavour, alongside those that we already know grow well here and are liked by our customers. Here's a handful of the different carrot varieties we have trialled. Our carrots have featured in the BBC's "Great British menu".

Tried, tested and very friendly  

We have a lot of happy customers! Check out our testimonials. We are at the end of the phone or the email connection, and will get back to you as soon as we can if you have a query.


We have a no quibble guarantee. Veg and fruit are fragile, and occasionally an item may get damaged, or slip past our Packing Angels when the boxes are packed. If you ever find anything that you are not happy with, just let us know on receipt of your order, and we will replace or refund.

Value for money

Delivery costs are included in our veg boxes. Vital Veg are almost always better value than supermarket organic produce – even if you could find the equivalent in the supermarket.


Having veg delivered saves you time and money – you don’t have to trail round the supermarket (only to find they have a poor selection of organic veg), and you don’t get bamboozled into buying things that you had not planned for! With Vital Veg, really fresh veg for the week will arrive at your door as if by magic – all you need to do is to decide which delicious dishes to make with it (and we even provide recipes for you!). Set up a regular delivery and there is no need to re-order each week.


For ultimate flexibility create your own bespoke order from the veg we have available each week.  If you prefer a traditional veg bag, but need some modification we offer an opt-out facility so that you don’t end up receiving veg that you can’t eat. You can opt out of some veg for every delivery (and you only need to tell us once), or opt out of some for a set length of time. So, for example, if you have an onion allergy you can opt out of onions altogether. If you grow your own lettuce in the summer, you can opt out of that until you run out of your home-grown produce. We will substitute an item of equivalent value in your box for whatever you opt out of.

Vitality and well-being

There is no doubt that veg are essential … nay VITAL for your health and wellbeing. If you buy from Vital Veg you are assured of veg that are as fresh as possible, and hence contain the maximum quantities of vitamins. Our veg are 100% organic, which means that they are grown without artificial fertilisers and without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Growing without artificial fertilisers generally leads to veg that contain a smaller proportion of water and an increased amount of dry matter (and hence minerals) per unit weight, so each mouthful contains the most nutrition you can hope to expect from your veg. Growing without pesticides, fungicides and herbicides means that there are no artificial chemicals in your food. After a quick wash you can eat the skin (the most nutritious part) of all your veg. We never use chemicals to prolong the life of the crops we keep in our store over winter (potatoes, onions, beetroot, celeriac). We are certified organic by the Soil Association, who have the highest organic standards in the world.


We are just a stone’s throw up the road (OK … it may depend on how far you can throw, but we deliver within about a 20 mile radius of our farm!) This means that your veg don’t have to travel far (so they stay fresh en-route from our farm to your door). It also means that most of the money you spend on Vital Veg stays local and gets spent with other local businesses. Compare this with the tiny proportion of truly local produce in supermarkets (don’t be fooled by the big banners … check the small print on the labels!). Did you know that up to 90p in every pound spent at the supermarket leaves the local area? That’s not good for building a local community!


Oil, natural gas and phosphorus are running out and that is a worry for all of us, especially those with children or grandchildren. Many foods are heavily dependent on all of these, and those foods produced using artificial fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides are the most dependent. Most artificial nitrogen fertilizers are made from natural gas using lots of energy. Vegetables at Vital Veg are grown organically, using legumes such as red clover to take nitrogen from the atmosphere (where it is effectively in infinite supply) and convert it to a form that can be used by other plants in the soil, combined with the use of composts and manures.

Energy saving

We are very energy conscious, and do not use refrigeration (preferring to pick the veg and deliver it to you ASAP), and we certainly don’t leave our lights on all night! The relatively small scale of our farm means that we can avoid using big machines and do a lot of the work by hand.

Minimal packaging and waste

Your veg will, for the most part, arrive in nature’s own exquisite packaging! We only use man-made packaging where absolutely necessary, so you won’t find any shrink-wrapped swedes or tatties in plastic bags. Our driver will collect your empty veg bag when he brings the next one – so you will have hardly any waste.

Environmental benefits

After several years of tree and hedge planting, pond maintenance, meadow creation etc our farm is becoming a real haven for wildlife, particularly birds and bees, many species of which are at serious risk in the UK. We are careful to ensure that any water draining into our ditches and burns is clean.


We are only a little business, but we bank responsibly, so that we are not contributing to armament companies and other unethical businesses. Vital Veg is not responsible to distant shareholders, which means that you, our customer, are our our top priority.